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APC propeller list
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LP10545   10.5x4.5
LP10560(1)   10.5x6
LP10010(1)   10x10
LP10010E   10x10E
LP10030(1)   10x3
LP10038SF   10x3.8SF
LP10038SFP   10x3.8SFP
LP10040(1)   10x4
LP10045MR   10x4.5MR
LP10045MRP   10x4.5MRP
LP10047SF   10x4.7SF
LP10047SFP   10x4.7SFP
LP10050(1)   10x5
LP10055MR   10x5.5MR
LP10055MRP   10x5.5MRP
LP10058EP(F2B)   10x5.8EP(F2B)
LP10050E   10x5E
LP10050EP   10x5EP
LP10060(1)   10x6
LP410060   10x6-4
LP10060E   10x6E
LP10060F   10x6F
LP10060P(1)   10x6P
LP10070(1)   10x7
LP10070E   10x7E
LP10070EP   10x7EP
LP10070P(1)   10x7P
LP10070SF   10x7SF
LP10080(1)   10x8
LP10080E   10x8E
LP10080P(1)   10x8P
LP10090(1)   10x9
LP115125N   11.5x12.5N
LP11540(1)   11.5x4
LP11560(1)   11.5x6
LP11010   11x10
LP11010E   11x10E
LP11011   11x11
LP11012   11x12
LP11012W   11x12W
LP11013   11x13
LP11014   11x14
LP11030(1)   11x3
LP11038SF   11x3.8SF
LP11040(1)   11x4
LP11045EP   11x4.5EP
LP11045MR   11x4.5MR
LP11045MRP   11x4.5MRP
LP11047SF   11x4.7SF
LP11047SFP   11x4.7SFP
LP11050(1)   11x5
LP11055E   11x5.5E
LP11055EP   11x5.5EP
LP11060(1)   11x6
LP411060   11x6-4
LP11060P(1)   11x6P
LP11070(1)   11x7
LP11070E   11x7E
LP11070P(1)   11x7P
LP11070SF   11x7SF
LP11070SFP   11x7SFP
LP11080(1)   11x8
LP11085E   11x8.5E
LP11080E   11x8E
LP11080EP   11x8EP
LP11080F   11x8F
LP11090(1)   11x9
LP411090   11x9-4
LP12338(1)   12.25x3.75
LP12510   12.5x10
LP12511   12.5x11
LP125115   12.5x11.5
LP12512   12.5x12
LP125125   12.5x12.5
LP12513   12.5x13
LP12560(1)   12.5x6
LP12590   12.5x9
LP12010   12x10
LP12010E   12x10E
LP12010W   12x10W
LP12011   12x11
LP120115   12x11.5
LP12011N   12x11N
LP12012   12x12
LP120125   12x12.5
LP12012E   12x12E
LP12012N   12x12N
LP12013   12x13
LP12013N   12x13N
LP12014   12x14
LP12038SF   12x3.8SF
LP12038SFP   12x3.8SFP
LP12040(1)   12x4
LP12045MR   12x4.5MR
LP12045MRP   12x4.5MRP
LP12047SF   12x4.7SF
LP12047SFP   12x4.7SFP
LP12050(1)   12x5
LP12055MR   12x5.5MR
LP12055MRP   12x5.5MRP
LP12060(1)   12x6
LP12065WEP(F2B)   12x6.5WEP(F2B)
LP12060E   12x6E
LP12060EP   12x6EP
LP12060EP(F2B)   12x6EP(F2B)
LP12060P(1)   12x6P
LP12060SF   12x6SF
LP12070(1)   12x7
LP12080(1)   12x8
LP12085F   12x8.5F
LP12080E   12x8E
LP12080EP   12x8EP
LP12080SF   12x8SF
LP12090   12x9
LP12090W   12x9W
LP13510   13.5x10
LP135115N   13.5x11.5N
LP135125   13.5x12.5
LP135133   13.5x13.3
LP135135   13.5x13.5
LP13514   13.5x14
LP13514W   13.5x14W
LP13590   13.5x9
LP13010   13x10
LP13010E   13x10E
LP13010F   13x10F
LP13011   13x11
LP130135N   13x13.5N
LP13013N   13x13N
LP13040   13x4
LP13045EP   13x4.5EP
LP13045EP(F2B)   13x4.5EP(F2B)
LP13047SF   13x4.7SF
LP13047SFP   13x4.7SFP
LP13040E   13x4E
LP13040EP   13x4EP
LP13040W   13x4W
LP13055EP   13x5.5EP
LP13055MR   13x5.5MR
LP13055MRP   13x5.5MRP
LP13060   13x6
LP13065E   13x6.5E
LP13065EP   13x6.5EP
LP13060P   13x6P
LP13070   13x7
LP13070F   13x7F
LP13080   13x8
LP13080E   13x8E
LP13080EP   13x8EP
LP13090   13x9
LP144105   14.4x10.5
LP14412   14.4x12
LP14413   14.4x13
LP144135   14.4x13.5
LP14414   14.4x14
LP414512   14.5x12-4
LP14513W   14.5x13W
LP145145N   14.5x14.5N
LP14514N   14.5x14N
LP14010   14x10
LP14010E   14x10E
LP14010F   14x10F
LP14011   14x11
LP14012   14x12
LP14012E   14x12E
LP14012N   14x12N
LP14013   14x13
LP140135   14x13.5
LP140135N   14x13.5N
LP14013N   14x13N
LP14014   14x14
LP14014N   14x14N
LP14047SF   14x4.7SF
LP14047SFP   14x4.7SFP
LP14040W   14x4W
LP14055MR   14x5.5MR
LP14055MRP   14x5.5MRP
LP14050N   14x5N
LP14060   14x6
LP14060P   14x6P
LP14070   14x7
LP14070E   14x7E
LP14080   14x8
LP14085E   14x8.5E
LP14085EP   14x8.5EP
LP155115W   15.5x11.5W
LP415512   15.5x12-4
LP155125W   15.5x12.5W
LP15512W   15.5x12W
LP15513N   15.5x13N
LP3157513   15.75x13-3
LP15010   15x10
LP15010E   15x10E
LP15010EP   15x10EP
LP15011   15x11
LP15012   15x12
LP15012F   15x12F
LP15012W   15x12W
LP15013   15x13
LP3150135   15x13.5-3

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We have catagorized our props to help you locate the exact one that you need. However, these are simply suggestions as to their use and are not meant to limit the use of one type or another on any particular model. Select a category from the navigation bar at the left or enter a prop size in the search box; i.e., 10x8