Quality Propellers that are Competition Proven


APC has Discontinued the Manufacture of the following:

22 inch and Larger Diameter Propellers for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

Some large diameter single piece propeller failures have been reported in the hub area where predicted factors of safety are believed to be rather high, based on both structural analysis and dynamic impact tests. The reasons for the failures are not adequately understood. We speculate that the failures are probably caused by fatigue induced by unusual resonance responses. The latter is, of course, completely beyond our control, given the large array of fuselage and engine mount characteristics in use. We do not believe that there is an inherent problem with the large propellers, based on wide spread use over a long time. However, the occasional failure creates a risk to the APC reputation that we are not willing to accept.

We regret the removal of this well accepted product line from our inventory.

The following propellers are discontinued and are no longer in stock. This includes remaining two and three blade component systems as well.

  • All 22 inch ICE propellers with pitches higher than 10
  • All 24 inch ICE propellers
  • All 26 inch ICE propellers

Other Discontinued Propellers

2 Blade Propellers:

  • 8.5x5.0
  • 8.5x5.5
  • 8.5x6.5
  • 8.5x6.5N
  • 8.5x7.0
  • 8.5x7.5
  • 8.75x7.0
  • 8.75x7.5
  • 8.75x7.75
  • 8.75x8.0
  • 8.75x8.25
  • 9.25x5.5
  • 9.25x5.75
  • 9.625x3.75
  • 12x14
  • 15.5x12
  • 16x14N
  • 16.5x12
  • 17x18
  • 17.5x18
  • 18x16
  • 18x18
  • 19x14
  • 19x15
  • 19x16
  • 20x18
  • 22x11E
  • 22x10W

3 Blade Propellers:

  • 9x6-3
  • 10x7-3
  • 15x13W-3

4 Blade Propellers:

  • 13.8x10-4
  • 15x11-4