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Motor Adapters for APC Propellers

Many applications require special adapters for mounting propellers to electric motors. SmallPartsCNC offers a variety of motor-to-propeller adapters for airplanes and multi-copters. Please see the Spinners, Collets and Adapters section below for more supplier choices.

Amain Hobbies
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Phone: 1-800-705-2215

Spinners for APC Propellers

APC recommends TruTurn spinners for use with APC propellers.

TruTurn Spinners


Phone: 1-281-479-9600

Propeller Reamers

A stepped reamer is a great choice for enlarging the center hole in APC propellers. Tower Hobbies has several types to choose from. Tapered reamers are also available at your local hardware store.

The following products are TOWER HOBBIES items.

Propeller Reamer Part Numbers:

LXK248 Standard Prop Reamer
LXEGH6 Precision Prop Reamer Metric
LXEGH7 Precision Prop Reamer Standard
LXG940 Fox Prop Reamer Standard
LXG941 Fox Prop Reamer Metric

Spinners, Collets, and Adapters for APC Folding Propellers

Many of you have called wanting information regarding collets, propeller shaft adapters and spinners for the Folding Propeller and Hub line. We do not manufacture or sell these items, only the propeller blades and the hubs. Please look to the following sources for propeller accessories.

Hobby Express
New Creations
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Phone: 1-936-856-4630
Maxx Products International, LLC.
Phone: 1-847-438-2233

MPI carries Adapters, Spinners and
Folding Propeller Spinners.
Folding Propeller Spinners from MPI