Quality Propellers that are Competition Proven


How to Find a Specific APC Propeller

We have categorized our propellers to help you locate the exact one that you need. Select a category or sub-category from the "Propeller Categories" pop-out in the navigation menu to the left.
Please note that the categories are simply suggestions as to the use of a propeller and are not meant to limit the use of one type or another on any particular model.
Propellers in each category can also be sorted by size. Simply select "Size: Small to Large" and click Go.

Alternatively, all categories can be accessed with the "Category List" link at the top right. Any sub-categories are shown after a specific category is selected.

In addition to the "Category List" there is a search box that will allow you to search for a specific propeller size, a description of the propeller, or the part number. For instance, you could search for "7.4x8" or "1/2A" or LP415512. If you have a partial part number, you can also use it to search. For example, LP07 would list all the 7 inch diameter propellers, including the 7.4 and 7.8 products. The search box is located at the top right of every page, or you can use the one below.

There is also a "Propeller List" available that will list all of the propellers currently available from APC. From the list you can find the part number and the category the propeller is listed in.

If you still can not find a specific propeller, it may have been discontinued. Please contact us with the size you are looking for, we may still have some in our warehouse.

For help with the online checkout process, or questions not related to finding a propeller, please see General Help.