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Let APC Propellers help you get the performance you're looking for!


APC model airplane propellers have enjoyed strong acceptance and growth since their introduction in 1989.  They are especially popular in pattern and racing events.  The performance and low noise advantages are largely due to the precision methods Landing Products uses to design and manufacture APC propellers.

Landing Products preserves a close rapport with the competition community to benefit from the technical interchange that is so important to improved designs.  There is continuous evolution in aircraft design and engine performance.  Consequently, propeller design must continuously evolve as well to keep pace with these improving technologies.

Over 400 APC propeller sizes are currently available.  The selection is continuously expanding.  Current sizes range from 4.1x4.1 up to 27x13 in composite materials using long glass fibers and carbon fibers mixed with nylon.  Molds for hand-laid fiber prop are also available.  This web site maintains a current listing of available selections.  Please check the ‘APC Propeller List’ page for a current listing of propeller sizes.  An Excel file is also available for download.

Landing Products has added expanded manufacturing capability to permit injection molding of larger single piece propellers, up to 27 inch diameters.  Many of these are intended to supplant some of the needs currently met with APC component systems which employ aluminum hubs in combination with individual composite blades. 

Please note the selection of 3 and 4 blade propellers now in production. The same precision and performance available in the 2 blade line has been extended to 3 and 4 blade designs which offer substantial improvement in ground clearance.